samedi 28 février 2015

Blogger new policy

Blogger decided  to restrict explicit content from its platform. All the Digital Girls have found a new shelter here: 

Site is on buiding phase, but all the content will be migrated. Please give me feedback upon the new website. The "Girls of the year 2014" contest is still open til mid-march. Due to this new website building, the winter queen contest is delayed by one month.

Three cubes



vendredi 6 février 2015

Fall Queen 2014

Polls are closed, the Fall Queen 2014 is Elixir with 29% of the polls. Please discover her threesome hardcore set. Runner-up is 2013 Queen of the year Spencer with 28%, she gets also her boy/girl pictorial. Number 3, Drusilla will shoot a girlie action set. Number 4 is Allie. All those 4 girls will come back next year in other shootings.  Number 5 to 8 are out. Time now to elect the Queen of the year. New season queen contest in march to elect Winter queen 2015.