jeudi 26 décembre 2013

2013 survey

After a year of blogging, I can pretty well guess about what you readers would appreciate to see in Digital Queens. Blog stats and personnal mails are quite useful for that. But I would like to confirm these impressions by figures. Please find hereafter a small Survey about what could be improved on the blog.



The purpose of the blog is to give maximum versatility. 32 girls displayed in 2013. A majority of softcore pictorials, but I can see in the blog stats that the hardcore pictorials are appreciated. Harcore sets are longer to design and to render. More hardcore would shrink the number of ladies displayed, I believe. What do you think ?

Hardcore/Softcore free polls 

I can see in other blogs that pictorials contain usually more shots. The regular pictorial in Digital Queen is: 3 softcore shots. No nudity and 6 partial or full nudity with a couple of final shots where the girls turn really naughty. Is this convenient for you ?

Pictorials free polls 

My idea is to display girls just as would do general porn websites. Keep in contemporary stuff. I came into fantasy twice and made a semi gothic pictorial. What is your idea about that ? What universe should I explore ?

Genres free polls 



I displayed a majority of causasian ladies. But I guess the readers would rather have more ethnic beauties. I'm not so fond of dark skinned ladies, but I noticed the only one I displayed got the season queen price. On the other hand, I noticed that the asian girls were not that popular. Please tell me what kind of ladies you would like to see. 

Favorite ethnicity (multiple choice)



  free polls 

I try to display a wide range of different characters and I usually don't customize  the morphs. Boob size is quite important. I guess I would personally tend to "upgrade" sizes, as I am a big boobs fan. But, the goal of this blog is to show normal girls, not monsters. Others do that quite well and better than me. But please tell me what would be a good size for you.

Boob size free polls 

Same idea. I have more freedom on bushes as the morphs I buy are usually bald. I am a hair addict. I don't believe in shaven pussies. But anyhow, I now that it is very common. Tell me what you think on this topic.

Pussy free polls