mercredi 17 septembre 2014

lundi 8 septembre 2014

Summer Queen

Time to elect summer queen among the 8 following contestants. Winner will shoot a threesome hardcore set, runner-up an boy/girl hardcore set and number 3 a girl/girl action. Summer queen will run for the queen of the year 2014 election. Number 1 to 4 come back in 2015 for extra shoots. Number 5 to 8 are out. Poll is open for 1 month. 


dimanche 7 septembre 2014

Hatty Bio

Bio model
Full name Hatty 
Nationality Hungarian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Eyes Blue
Hair Brunette
Age 26
Zodiac Aries
Size 1.70 m
Weight 58 Kilos
Measurements 91D-60-90 (Curvy)
Breasts Medium
Pussy Natural
Particular signs -
Turn-ons Men, sports, cars, cats.
Turn-offs Bad breath, Liars, cheaters.
Sexual fantasy Interracial sexparty. May be more than one guys...
First appearance 2014/08
Awards -
Softcore pictorials 1 (Wrapped in Lace)
Hardcore pictorials 0
Credits Syltermermaid

mercredi 3 septembre 2014

Beth Bio

Bio model
Full name Beth Abargil
Nationality Israelian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Eyes Dark
Hair Blond
Age 19 (Teen)
Zodiac Libra
Size 1.74 m
Weight 56 Kilos
Measurements 91C-64-92 (Curvy)
Breasts Average
Pussy Natural
Particular signs -
Turn-ons Muscles, sweat, competition.
Turn-offs Lazyness, Fat.
Sexual fantasy Make love with two substitutes while match is ongoing in a crowdy stadium
First appearance 2014/07
Awards -
Softcore pictorials 1 (Playground)
Hardcore pictorials 0
Credits Midnghtrider1

Brook Bio

Bio model
Full name Brook Lawrence
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Age 22
Zodiac Scorpio
Size 1.65 m
Weight 57 Kilos
Measurements 92H-60-90 (Curvy)
Breasts Huge
Pussy Shaved
Particular signs -
Turn-ons Gentleness, Great smile, Sun, beach and sea.
Turn-offs Chewing gums, selfish sex, nasal voice.
Sexual fantasy Make love in sea surrounded by dolphins
First appearance 2014/09
Awards -
Softcore pictorials 1 (Brook's Buoys)
Hardcore pictorials 0
Credits SV7