dimanche 12 avril 2015

Maroccan boudoir

Maroccan boudoir
Solo pictorial starring Nabilla  




More Nabilla 


Winter Queen 2015

Time to elect new Winter Queen among the 8 following contestants. Number 1 will race for queen of the year 2015 ans shoot a hardcore threesome. Number 2 to 4 come back next year and shoot an extra hardcore pictorial this year. Here are the girls.


samedi 11 avril 2015

Laini Bio

Bio model
Full name Laini
Ethnicity Dryad
Eyes Violet
Hair White
Age Centuries (Teen)
Size 1.54 m
Weight 41 Kilos
Measurements 74A-52-744 (Slender)
Breasts Small
Pussy Trimmed
Particular signs Tatoos
Turn-ons Yellow roses, delicate jewelry, white lace, diamonds.
Turn-offs Spiders, smokers, men who shave their chests.
Sexual fantasy Bound, blindfolded and brutally gangbanged.
First appearance 2015/02
Awards -
Softcore pictorials 1 (Naughty dryad)
Hardcore pictorials 0
Credits Saby, Seven

lundi 6 avril 2015

Queen of the Year 2014

Naomi !

It was  a close contest this year, and a win for Naomi. She will come back very soon in a gang bang / bukkake pictorial. Runner-up is Georgia and will shoot a hardcore threesome. Ksenia and Elixir will have a boy/girl pictorial. All 4 girls come back next year.


dimanche 5 avril 2015

Give me pink




Alyssane Bio

Bio model
Full name Alysanne Malkova
Nationality Czech
Ethnicity Caucasian
Eyes Grey
Hair Blond
Age 20
Zodiac Taurus
Size 1.74 m
Weight 67 Kilos
Measurements 101G-69-104 (Voluptuous)
Breasts Big
Pussy Hairy
Particular signs
Turn-ons Lazy afternoons, champagne and chocolate.
Turn-offs Piercings, crowd, social gatherings.
Sexual fantasy Rough sex ouside, in the mud, warm shower,  then romantic sex in clean sheets.
First appearance 2015/01
Awards -
Softcore pictorials 1 (Jungle queen)
Hardcore pictorials 0
Credits Lyoness

samedi 4 avril 2015

Liu bio

Bio model
Full name Liu Woo
Nationality Chinese
Ethnicity Asian
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark
Age 33
Zodiac Sagittarius
Size 1.64 m
Weight 51 Kilos
Measurements 88D-56-84 (Curvy)
Breasts Big
Pussy Trimmed
Particular signs Lookalike
Turn-ons Open-minded, Ancient asian weapons.
Turn-offs Male gay stuff, sex toys.
Sexual fantasy Gang banged by the judge and jury in a tribunal.
First appearance 2014/12
Awards Winter Queen 2015
Softcore pictorials 1 (Elementary)
Hardcore pictorials 1 (Cider Party)
Credits Raiya

jeudi 2 avril 2015

Ariana Bio

Bio model
Full name Ariana Austen
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Eyes Green
Hair Brunette
Age 32
Zodiac Leo
Size 1.68 m
Weight 56 Kilos
Measurements 88C-61-88
Breasts Medium
Pussy Natural
Particular signs Lookalike
Turn-ons Deep and hard penetration, hasn't shaved in a day.
Turn-offs Ignorance, talk too much.
Sexual fantasy Hot night on a desert island.
First appearance 2015/01
Awards -
Softcore pictorials 1 (Lost in the stairs)
Hardcore pictorials 0
Credits Mihrelle