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samedi 27 avril 2013

Naughty locker


6 commentaires:

  1. Fantastic set. Ksenia is my favorite from your girls. She looks wonderful.

  2. Thx and welcome to my blog. Being the first one to put on a comment, I grant you a free Ksenia pictorial. Please give me some guidelines for the upcoming shooting !!!

  3. Oh that is a honour for me .... mhh ... please let me think about that ... My favourite outfit is Hot Uniform Hot Teacher from pretty3d at the moment. I think she would look very aweful in that mini skirt blouse and jacket with high heels. Please let the stockings and glasses away. If you have that product you could render a very hot set with her, for exemple a hot secretary whoe poses in the office, masturbates with an elegant dildo and suddenly one or two colleagues see her doing that and she invites them ...

    I would render a set for you with my ladies if you would like.